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State of the art sound

Retreat to our state of the art recording studio, complete with cutting edge acoustical engineering and technology.

Our rural wine country setting allows you to enjoy a truly unique experience. With our eco-friendly design, full service amenities, and beautiful setting, you will be inspired and nurtured in your creative process.

The brand new studio delivers a functional creative space outfitted with the leading technology in music today. Our team of music industry experts are always on hand to help with any and all of your recording needs. The custom features in our studio allow us the capability to fulfill and deliver beyond expectation on any project need, no matter the size. With close attention to detail, your projects will always be finished with quality and time efficiency in mind.

Our studio

The studio has multi-faceted live room which has been custom designed by Acoustical Engineer, Pelonis Sound & Acoustics. Our live room provides space for multi instrumental collaboration, specifically designed to go from practice to tracking in a matter of seconds.

Our vocal and drum isolation booths are perfect for top quality tracking. We are outfitted with cutting edge technology, and a selection of global instruments available to you when booking your session.

Our family

Natalie Starr van Zelm Zuñiga - Studio Coordinator

Natalie has over 10 years of experience in business management and development in the service industry, as well as estate management experience for celebrity clients. Natalie is also an artist and has performed as a dancer since childhood.

As a client of Sonic Soul Studios your project will be managed to the highest standard and your comforts will be addressed. When not traveling, Natalie finds inspiration in the majestic hills and valleys of Santa Ynez where she lives with her husband and Sonic Soul partner Patricio.

Patricio ‘Pato’ Zuniga Labarca - Musician, Multi-instrumentalist, Producer, and songwriter

Patricio is Sonic Soul’s talented producer and co-founder who can render quality grooves for your album while enhancing the flavor you so desire. He is versatile and talented in his musical ability, his range of talents including, yet not limited to film scoring and other soundscape projects. Patricio is also available for studio recording sessions as an instrumentalist with guitar, kora, bass guitar, standup bass, drums, didgeridoo, and other varied percussion (djembe, dun duns, balafon, ngoni, udu, etc).

Patricio has had a widely eclectic musical career that has carried him around the world from Chile to Australia, through the islands of Indonesia, and across Europe and the Americas. He has played in many bands in Chile, such as SantoBando, Orixango, Afrik, as well as his own projects in Bali, including Gypsy Caveman and Mamba Hitam. Currently, Patricio tours with Nahko and Medicine for the People playing bass. His most recent work includes a co-producer title on the album " My Name is Bear" by Nahko.

"Music is infinite; it is in everything. It travels from star to star. Music is my life, a canvas ready to be filled with colorful rhythms, sounds & melodies.”

Tamie Posnick - Studio Director & Curator

As an artist and entrepreneur, Tamie brings a plethora of wisdom and experience to her role as studio director and curator. With a background in theater, television, film, and design, her artistic talent spans many years and many mediums, where she brings vision and process together in order to curate artistic collaboration. Along with her love of creative processes, she has also spent a decade studying global wellness concepts, eco conservation, and longevity. She has melded together art and science to create holistic health initiatives, centered around whole body and environmental wellness.

Her unique focus on the health of the mind-body-planet connection provides an original approach to supporting the creative process with information and resources for better living and a cleaner planet. Her creative passion and versatility will be highlighted in our regular podcasts as she interviews musicians and thought-leaders that are bringing positive change to our planet. In addition to her role at the studio, Tamie is a wife, mother, artist, healer, and founder of Ecomama Farms.