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Recording & Mixing

Our engineers are experts in streamlining the process of tracking your project with cutting edge recording techniques and technology. Sonic Soul’s studio layout provides a versatile live room for live session recording or a sound booth to record a single component to achieve the right feel for your tracks.

You will have access to an assortment of top of the line microphones, allowing you to capture the sound quality that you’d like to hear in your work of art.

With our experienced Studio Co-ordinator, your recording session will be efficiently prepared and planned.

The studio can be used to master the mixing process, taking all the individual parts of your song and pulling them together to create a balanced recording. Following mixing we will help with the mastering process, making sure your recordings are ready in consumer formats and when pulled together create a cohesive sound.

The production process can take on a couple of formats; traditionally helping perfect the arrangement, instrumental and overall recording performance, to more modern computer-based music production. Our talented in house producer; Pato, will always be on hand and can help with both areas of production.